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Trekking and Hiking in Morocco – Walking and Hiking Tours

Trekking and Hiking – Hiking and Walking Tours

Heard about hiking in Morocco? It is a beautiful country with captivatingly long trails and rough peaks. You will get some amazing experiences and views, and you will definitely not regret the challenges you will face while hiking in Atlas. Mount Toubkal Trek is considered the starting point for hikers and is also called “Little Chamonix of Atlas Mountains.” It is the highest peak found in North Africa with snow-filled peaks. You can pick the mules from Imlil and take the help of local guides to complete your hike successfully. Atlas mountain hiking can be for a day trek in Atlas or up to 16 days hiking in Morocco depending on your fitness levels. You need to have all the essentials, warm clothes, and a first aid kit before starting the hike.

You should never miss the trek in Mount Toubkal, Jbel Saghro, M’Goun Massif, Sirwa, and Rif Mountains. Morocco is where you will get visual treats, fall in love with Magical Morocco, and have adventures treks in Morocco to last you a lifetime.

With its landscapes, mountains, beaches, deserts, and imperial cities. Morocco is a leading country in sustainable tourism. The environment is such that it enhances the heritage and culture tours in Morocco of various regions, thereby improving tourism to create value and wealth. The country takes many initiatives for sustainable tourism. Hotels and beaches are awarded highly for their cleanliness. The country is very keen on preserving natural parks and reserves. Many cities have wastewater treatment plants. The tourists are offered a lot of activities that also focus on eco-tourism.