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24 June 2020

We want to sincerely thank all of you for your support and financial contributions. We are incredibly overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of you who have generously made donations and offered financial support to help us get through this difficult time🙏 

do good for

To donate and help :

Due to the response we’ve received from you all, we would like to share with some of our less fortunate industry colleagues as well. The tourism sector employes nearly 5% of the Moroccan population which means there are many more in same position we are. Just as it makes you feel good to help us, it will feel good for us to pay it forward and help some of them. 

As previously promised, we will be here waiting for you when the borders open and your continued support will ensure the people operating the services we need to make your trip memorable will be as well. We will share with many people such as those who work with their Mules to carry the luggage for tourists, those who work in guest houses, those who driver tourists around, etc. 

Again, we extend a sincere thank you for your support and appreciate all donations regardless of the amount. Always good to put a simple on people’s face 😊

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