Where do I start, firstly

welshflag‘Where do I start, firstly I hope you appreciate how excellent Hassan Hisse is. In all the experiences I’ve had he stands out as the best guide. He was extremely hard working and made everyone feel welcome. As a company you are only as good as your team on the ground and he was a fantastic representative. He had the natural ability to lead the group and make friends and I certainly consider him as a friend for life. I want to share an example of his honesty I was truly amazed by this. After packing and vacating my room in the gite he double checked to make sure that nothing was left behind, he found a dhiram on the floor and asked who’s it was. I was taken back by the honesty to ask who had lost what is not even one penny. He is a likeable character and mixed well with everyone in the group, I even managed to teach him some Welsh! He is a credit to your company and an absolutely fantastic guide.’

september 2015

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