Traveling around Morocco or relaxing in Marrakech and you want more? Fancy a day out with a local? Have a one of our private excursions. Like going out for a nice walk through the mountains?

Travel Magical Morocco can help you!

private excursions

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Spend the night at Moroccans’ homes or want to join a family for tea? Working in a village? We are happy to arrange it for you! We only work with people we know and trust.

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private excursions

Multi-day tours

Travelers who have more time on their hands can book a multi-day tour. For example to the mountains. An unique opportunity to see some more of the mountain life in Morocco and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the wild nature. Includes the opportunity to hike in the Tighza Valley.

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For travelers already in Marrakesh, we can arrange day trips; to the coast or the mountains. A relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to enjoy a carefree time and discover a little more of Morocco.

private excursions


We work with official certified guides. And have a network of ‘Guides National’ with which you can travel throughout Morocco. We also work with city guides: guides who can tell you all the ins and outs of a city like Marrakech, Fes or Essaouira in a day or half a day. These are also official and reliable guides.

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vliegreis naar Marokko


Need transport from the airport to your accommodation? And back again? We can arrange transfers for you to ensure that you arrive where you need to be safely and on time.

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private excursions


Do you want to use an SUV or mini-van with driver for one or more days? We are happy to help you. Our transport meets European standards: modern and safe. And we work with very reliable drivers who will take you safely where you want to be.

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private excursions

Transport to and in Morocco

Are you going to Morocco? We can arrange your flight tickets. In addition, we always compensate the CO2 emissions of your flight. And give you a certificate of this so that you can see how compensation is being paid. Let us know your dates and wishes and we will arrange it.

Traveling through Morocco can be done in different ways: public transport, rent a car and drive yourself or rent a car with a driver.

We offer decent cars or mini-vans, with driver and air conditioning. So that you can enjoy Morocco and travel around carefree. Most of our drivers speak French and some English and they are more than willing to show you around the beautiful Morocco and help you when needed.
In addition, we can also provide you with the detailed information about your travel program. Driving distances may be different than expected. We discuss your wishes in advance and come up with a realistic plan, so that you can fully enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Guiding in Morocco

If you want to discover Morocco or specific parts of Morocco at your own pace, you can hire a guide through us. A qualified guide can not only show you around, knows the language, all the ins and outs, but also takes care of your well-being. He also tells you everything about the background, history, culture, lifestyle, politics, religion and much more of Morocco.

We discuss your wishes, plans and ideas in advance and discuss a realistic travel schedule. On request we can also book stays, and arrange transport and flights.

Hassan is an official certified guide


About guides in Morocco

In Morocco, there is a system of official guides. This is regulated by the Moroccan government. In general, you have officially qualified guides who can travel with you through Morocco and show you the beauty and places. In addition, there are the ‘city guides’; they are allowed to take a tour in a certain city. City guides are located in places like Marrakech, Fes, and Chefchaouen.

Mountain guides can take you on hikes, for example, to discover the beautiful mountain Toubkal. If you want to discover small villages or valleys like the Tizgha Valley, we do not work with official guides. But with reliable local people we know and trust and who would like to earn some extra income.

With all types of guidance (guides and drivers) during our group and private tours, we have your safety and well-being as our top priority. So that you can enjoy a carefree holiday and learn and enjoy all the beauty that Morocco has to offer.

We always work with guides from Morocco who speak English (or French). We work with official local guides because they know Morocco like no other and can tell you all about it. And because we think it is important that we help the local people as much as possible (financially).

Faux guides

In Morocco, you also have a lot of ‘fake guides’ (‘wrong guides’, faux guides in French). These guides are not officially licensed to work as guides. In Morocco, it is illegal to escort without a permit. While some “fake guides” may be good and reliable, we don’t work with them. In general, their income comes from mentoring and from the commission they get from the retailers and restaurants they take you to and where you buy. This is not the way we want to work or how we want to promote Morocco on our private and group tours.

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