From Morocco to you

We are all patiently waiting. Waiting for the time when you will fly (again) to Morocco and start your journey.
To shorten this time we’ve collected a number of ideas, tips, and tricks ‘From Morocco to you’. That will bring Morocco to you, instead of you to Morocco.

idea 1: Learn Darija (Moroccan Arabic) online

Darija with Ichakra - Travel Magical MoroccoTo everyone who is interested in learning Moroccan Arabic (called Darija), there are many teachers who are willing to help you learn this wonderful language and to share their passion with people from all over the world. For more information, please contact the teacher Ichraka or the organization AMTDA on how, when she teaches, and how much she charges.
Phone number:+212653236405 also via whatsapp
Email: [email protected] for information and submission.


From Morocco for you - Travel Magical Morocco

idea 2: Buy fairtrade Moroccan products in our webshop

Because the lack of tourists hit a lot of people in Morocco, we try to help them by selling their handmade, authentic products. The products are bought directly -for a fair price- from the craftsmen and women that produce them. So by buying you will get yourself a beautiful product and you will help the craftsmen. And who knows; maybe one day you will meet the maker of your unique item in person! We ship worldwide.

The link to the webshop is: ->

HelpLocalwithLove - Travel Magical Morocco


Donating money

Next to that we always have our actions to help the people in Morocco that lack income right now.

Crowdfunding for food and clothes for the people in the High Atlas mountains. You can donate money via this link:

Coming up: Crowdfunding for a pitch in Azilal.

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