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Book a trip and help reduce plastic waste

Book a trip and help reduce plastic waste.
We also try to travel sustainably and have come up with the following action:

If you book a trip with us, you will receive a water-purifying reusable water bottle for free.

Optionally we can give the bottle to the people in the mountains after your trip. So that they have access to clean drinking water after your trip – as a souvenir.

But of course, you can also take the bottle back with you and use it on your next trip.

This water purifying bottle ensures that you no longer have to buy plastic bottles with water on your vacation. Instead, you can simply fill this bottle with Moroccan tap water and this bottle purifies the water so that it is immediately drinkable.

By using this bottle you ensure that less plastic is used during your trip to Morocco. In addition, you can leave the bottle after your trip. So that we can give it to the local people who do not have access to clean drinking water so that they can reuse the bottle. So win-win.

How it works

Every traveler who books a trip of 3 days or longer with Travel Magical Morocco will receive the water purifying bottle at the start of the trip. So you can immediately start traveling sustainably and no longer have to use plastic bottles with water. But you are always provided with clean and safe drinking water. Important in a warm country!

Book a trip and help reduce plastic waste
At the end of the trip, you can choose whether to take the bottle home and continue to use it at home.

Or you can leave the bottle with us in Morocco.

If you leave the bottle behind, we will take it and clean it. We hand out the cleaned water bottles to the people who live in the mountains. People who do not have access to clean drinking water, in this way they can enjoy safe water and therefore better health after your trip.

This sustainable purifying water bottle promotion applies to anyone who books a trip, private or group trip with us that lasts 3 days or longer.


What else do we do, besides reducing ‘plastic waste’

In addition to this action, we as Travel Magical Morocco do even more to promote sustainable travel. In this way, we always work together with the local population as much as possible. To ensure that they take full advantage of tourism. And because this is the most beautiful and pure way for travelers to get acquainted with Morocco and its customs and culture.
book a trip and help reduce ‘plastic waste’

Book a trip and help reduce plastic waste
slow travel

In addition to the tours where you see a lot of this beautiful country, we also offer a number of walking tours. The focus here is on slow travel. These trips start in Marrakech and take you to the mountains or the coast, to hike from there for a few days. You do this walking accompanied by a local guide. That guide speaks French or English (we agree that with you in advance), he knows the route and the environment. And he can tell you all about what you encounter and the life, history, nature, and culture of Morocco along the way.

If necessary, a mule and an attendant will accompany you for the luggage. And possibly a cook, who prepares delicious meals for you on the way. If you want to make such a trip with (somewhat older) children, we can also provide one or more extra mules with supervisors. In this way – in case of fatigue – part of the journey can also be done on the animal’s back. A unique way to immerse yourself in the local life of Morocco at a very different pace. This way you can fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes and nature.


Of course, all air travel that you book through Travel Magical Morocco is CO2-compensated. We do that through FlyGRN. You will receive a certificate of this at the end of your trip. If you want, we can compensate all transport (including that IN Morocco) for CO2.

Any more sustainable ideas?

In addition to everything we do above, we are of course always open to making our holidays even more sustainable for you. So if you have any ideas or suggestions? Mail to [email protected] or contact us in another way. We would like to hear from you!


So: BOOK a trip and help reduce plastic waste!

Aug 3, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

3 Aug 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Book a trip and help reduce plastic waste


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