Magical Morocco, the romantic side

15 April 2020

Romantic Morocco

A night under the stars, in the beautiful, majestic desert, in the arms of the one you love: isn’t that a secret dream of all girls? And that is a dream that can come true.

You bring the man of your dreams and we will provide the rest: the desert, the night under the stars, exotic music, a meal fit for a sultan, the works.

OK, we’ll have to admit: reality might be slightly different. More people, tents for bigger parties, but you get the idea. Right?

The point is, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your beloved, romantic magical Morocco is the place to be, offering all the ingredients for a dream vacation you’ll never forget.

A night in the Sahara Desert

First, you have the desert. Your Prince Charming will sweep you away, not on his trusty horse but on a gently swaying camel for a sunset ride to your romantic getaway under the starry skies. Such an experience is exactly what Morocco has to offer, and much more.

What else does Morocco have for couples that want a romantic getaway?

Roaming through the Medina

How about the Medina (old town center)? The exotic cities of Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, and many others still have their ancient medinas, where people continue to live and work, which will make you feel like you are time-traveling. Step back to the fairytale days of Aladdin or 1,001 Nights of Scheherazade. Roam through the Medina hand in hand with your loved one, with its feast of sounds and aromas. Wander through small alleys together. Discover quaint, local shops, artisan-crafted jewelry, hidden courtyards, and get lost together.

Dream in a riad

The place to spend your night in one of the old cities is a picturesque riad within the medina. Riads are former private houses converted to inns for an authentic, luxurious place to rest from your adventures. Take your Moroccan mint tea on comfortably cushioned sofas in the central courtyard, with its open view of the sunny, blue skies, its trickling fountain, and singing birds in the tall trees. Watch the sunrise and listen to the medina come to life in the morning as you take your homemade breakfast on the roof terrace. You might even take an afternoon shopping break to return to this pleasure-garden for a cool swim, as some riads also have elegant swimming pools.

Rest in the evening in your richly decorated rooms, covered with mosaic zellij tiles, doors and shutters of intricately carved wood, and floors laden with hand-woven carpets. Decorated with tapestries and other amenities, the impressive eye for detail will let you leisurely drift off into dreamland. Staying in a riad is a must for every romantic soul.

If you happen to visit Marrakech, the famous Djmaa El-Fna square will blow your mind. Especially at night, it is a feast for the senses: the deep sound of the drums, the smell of the delicious food being served, all salesmen that offer their merchandise with their kindest smile. You will want to stop and see the snake charmers with their collection of snakes in the baskets. Stop and enjoy every bit of it. As the world traveler you are, you will learn to be cautious of the crowds, the pickpockets, and the scammers. But what is romance without a little danger?

The endless ocean at Essaouira

And there is more. Don’t forget to visit a place like Essaouira, a charming, romantic town along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The old city-walls that protected the village in ancient times are still there for protection from the elements. You can climb on them, watching over the wild sea with all its mysteries. Pretend to live there a few centuries ago.

The vibe in Essaouira is very relaxed, with a smaller, more slow-paced, less crowded medina of beautiful little shops. Musicians on street corners will set your stroll to a calming tune. You’ll meet people eager to talk with travelers and feast on delicious, fresh seafood. How about a romantic dinner for two with a view of the old harbor, it’s notorious blue, wooden fishing boats, and the sound of the waves? It is an experience you won’t forget. Afterward you can roam along the big boulevard or dip your toes in the sea.

All this can be the trip of your dreams. Let your imagination roam wild, hand in hand with your beloved. We will take care of all arrangements, and you can just relax and enjoy it. Contact us to make this dream come true!


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Magical Morocco, the romantic side

A night under the stars, in the beautiful, majestic desert, in the arms of the one you love: isn’t that a secret dream of all girls? And that is a dream that can come true. You bring the man of your dreams and we will provide the rest: the desert, the night under the...