Everything you wanted to know about Moroccan tea

27 February 2021

Tea time!

Moroccan tea, everyone who has been to Morocco knows it; that very sweet tea in small glasses. It is served everywhere and symbolizes the enormous hospitality of the Moroccans.

But…. How do you make that tea? And where do the customs surrounding the tea come from? We are going to tell you that.

How to make real Moroccan tea

First of all; how do you make real Moroccan tea?

For starters; you need the tea. You can buy it here

Then brewing the tea; follow these steps:

  • boil water in a kettle. In Morocco, the teapot itself can be put on the gas.
  • Add the tea. The amount of tea to add depends on the size of the teapot; for a big teapot use 2 big spoons of tea
  • Add sugar if you want to
  • Put the teapot on the fire until the water is boiling again.
  • If you want strong tea you need to boil the tea longer than 15 minutes
    • if you want you can add herbs like mint or absinthe
  • Pour a few times into a tea glass or cup and then back into the pot. Which gives the tea oxygen

And enjoy

When drinking tea; wait until the person who prepared the tea starts to drink. Then the rest can follow.

Why is Moroccan tea so sweet?

Moroccan tea is also known for its taste; very sweet. Although nowadays more often a healthy lifestyle is taken into account and you are occasionally asked if you are waiting for it; normally Moroccan tea is served with a lot of sugar.

And that also has a reason: sugar used to be very expensive. So to show your hospitality, you served tea with a lot of sugar to your guest. A way to show how welcome your guest was.

The art of pouring tea

Besides, pouring the tea is also quite an art, because; tea is poured from as high as possible.
Just putting the tea in a cup is not enough. It is the intention that the teapot is lifted high to pour the tea into the glass from there. And this also has a beautiful symbolic reason. A host wanted to show how powerful he was. Pouring the tea high was a symbol of the host’s power.

In short; drinking tea is an important part of Moroccan life.
We would say; enjoy it!

These are the ingredients of the tea we sell: peppermint, rose marine, fennel, anise, star anise, verbena, melissa, thyme, lavender, cardamom, gum arabic, marjoram, chamomile, sage, rose, mint, oregano.


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