Transport to and in Morocco

Going to Morocco? We can take care of your flight tickets. Next to that we always compensate the CO2 emission of your flight. And provide you with a certificate to show for it. Just let us now your dates and wishes and we will take care of it all.

Traveling through Morocco can be done in different ways: public transport, hire a car and drive yourself of hire a car with driver.

car with view

We provide solid cars or vans, with driver and airconditioning. So you can enjoy Morocco and travel around carefree. Most of our drivers speak French and a little English and they are more then willing to show you around in beautiful Morocco and help you out whenever necessary.

Next to that we can also provide you with the detailled information about your itenerary. Driving distances can be different then expected. We can discuss your wishes and come up with a realistic plan.



The Morocan currency is the Dirham (MAD) for the current rates check here [link]. In all cities and airports there are plenty of ATM's to collect money. Pin is an option in the big cities, however keep in mind to carry enough cash if you go to more rural places....

Thank you and….

I wanted to reach out ... to all of our dedicated clients/friends & followers alike to extend a huge Moroccan THANK YOU!!! I recently posted about the very real struggle the global tourism industry is coping with and the almost complete...

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