The situation concerning COVID-19 in Morocco

The situation concerning COVID-19 in Morocco

Fortunately, the numbers of infected people in Morocco are low. There are currently about 300 new cases per day. On a population of 37 million inhabitants, this concerns less than 14,000 infections and 245 deaths per million inhabitants.
In comparison, in the United States, are over 100,000 infected people and 1,830 deaths per million inhabitants. Canada has over 36,000 infected people infected and 669 deaths per million inhabitants. And the Netherlands is at over 95,000 infected people and 1026 deaths per million inhabitants.
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Morocco’s vaccination program is progressing well. Currently, 31% of the population is vaccinated. The Sinopharm vaccine is mainly used. But a batch of Astra Zeneca vaccines has also arrived recently. The Moroccan government is trying to inform the population on a large scale about the benefits of vaccination.

Furthermore, about tourism in Morocco, a large number of measurements have been taken to ensure safe travel as soon as possible.

And of course, all people from Travel Magical Morrocco are following all the standard guidelines and measurements to make sure you will enjoy a relaxed holiday in Morocco. We will help you with the extra travel preparations where ever we can and offer you an unforgettable trip.

In short; Morocco is doing everything it can to give travelers a warm Moroccan welcome as soon as possible.

This is in dire need. Morocco’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism, therefore the situation has an immediate impact on the lives of the people of Morocco. Especially the people in the small towns and in the countryside lost their income. Here you can read how the lack of tourists affects even the shepherds in the mountains.

The current measures will remain in force at least until June 10.

That means that at least until June 10, there is still no income for many Moroccans. We at Travel Magical Morocco have started an online donation to raise money for the people affected by this loss of income. And we started the webshop Help Local with
Love where you can buy handmade products from Morocco; we purchase these items directly in Morocco for a fair price. To at least compensate some people for their loss of income. We are now also busy setting up women’s cooperatives there so that the money ends up with the makers of the beautiful products as fair as possible.

Do you want to know more about the situation concerning COVID-19 in Morocco? Or do you have specific questions about traveling to Morocco? You can always contact us.

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