The door is ajar

Hello everyone, step-by-step the borders open. And Morocco allows more and more tourists to enter the country.

Visiting Morocco

Currently, these are the visitors that are allowed (next to Moroccans and Moroccan residents) to enter Morocco:

  • Foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries provided they hold a confirmed hotel booking or invitation letter from the company based in Morocco.

The requirements to access Morocco are:

“All passengers are required to present a negative RT-PCR certificate (RT-Polymerase Chain Transmission for COVID-19) test result at the time of check-in. Passengers need to travel within 72 hours of conducting the test. Children below the age of 11 years are exempt from the test. A serological test is no more required. Passengers are also required to download and print the health declaration form and submit it to Moroccan authorities at the arriving airport.

Upon arrival, any person showing symptoms related to Covid-19 will be subject to additional medical checks.”



Next to that: The government of Morocco is starting a vaccine program. 


COVID-19 precautions (Travel Magical Morocco)

What we do as Travel Magical Morocco to offer you a safe trip is:

  • We offer tours for private groups and groups of people from all over the world. Those groups will be with a maximum of 8 people. Transport of group tours will be in a 17-person van, with plenty of space to keep a distance.
  • Our transport is only in private vehicles.
  • We follow the COVID-19 guidelines of the Moroccan authorities during the whole trip.
  • Accommodations will meet the Moroccan requirements for COVID-19: all personnel is tested, and only half of the rooms are occupied.
  • We focus on exploring the countryside and nature. But we will visit the cities as well because of their charm. We will work according to the local standard COVID-19 guideline.
  • In the next months, you can cancel your trip anytime if there are changes in the COVID-19 guidelines of Morocco or the COVID-19 guidelines of your home country.
  • We maintain our high health and safety guidelines.

We hope to welcome you soon. Morocco is a beautiful country. We will do everything to give you a warm and safe welcome!

If you have any other questions about the current situation in Morocco or your wellbeing in Morocco: please, do not hesitate to contact us.



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