Thank you and….

I wanted to reach out … to all of our dedicated clients/friends & followers alike to extend a huge Moroccan THANK YOU!!!

I recently posted about the very real struggle the global tourism industry is coping with and the almost complete decline in future bookings due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Your replies of kind words and meaningful thoughts touched my heart, and I extend to you my heartfelt appreciation. Without you, the loyal clients, we could not sustain our business. I wish nothing more than to be able to once again have our collective countries open borders and offer our guests the unforgettable experiences & unwavering service you so deserve on your well-earned vacations. 

Our company name is

To donate and help:
is a dream of mine come to life. I have spent many hours training and excelling to become an official accredited tour guide in Morocco, which in itself is no small feat. It’s all I’ve wanted to do since I saw my first guide walking by as a young boy— as I wondered, “What is he doing and where is he going with those lovely people?” My ah-ha moment came to me when I was younger and I’ve never looked back since. My heart and soul are invested in every detail of every tour I’ve guided over the years. So, of course, I eagerly anticipate seeing you all again, meeting friends & family that you’ve referred to us, so all can witness this magic for themselves. I’m also very excited to welcome all the first-timers who have been longing to visit Morocco. What a treasure it will be for them. 

However…..I can’t do this without your generosity and compassion to see our company survive this unprecedented crisis. 
Now, I truly need you… so that when the time comes in the not-too-distant future, I can be there to host magical journeys that visitors so long to experience. 

I promise to be waiting for you…you have my word. #donatetoday #share#love #learn #discover 

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