Restarttourism to Morocco

Restarttourism to Morocco. Everyone dreams about it. Being able to travel again; finally, visit that dream location, or that place you miss so much.

But is it possible? And how and what is safe? We put it to the test ourselves by traveling from Europe to Morocco. To make it clear to our customers what you encounter and what you have to take into account.

Code orange

Code orange is issued from the EU. Why? Not because Morocco is so dangerous. The number of infections there is below that of countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US. But to enter Morocco a negative PCR test is required. Morocco recently reopened its borders to tourists from Europe, tourists from the US remained welcome. Because Morocco has code orange, it is officially not recommended to travel there. We have done it; to see what you come across and to see what life is like in Morocco now.


As mentioned; if you want to visit Morocco there are a few extra things to keep in mind.

What do you need to enter Morocco?

This depends on if your traveling for a country on List A or List B; you can read about that over here. We were lucky enough to start our journey from a country on List A. If you want to travel from a country on List B; please contact us so we can try to help you out.

  • A negative PCR test of up to 72 hours old. Pay attention! The Dutch government indicates that the test may be a maximum of 48 hours old. Outdated information, but it is still looked at at the airport. Furthermore, the information about when that 48 hour starts. The government says the test must be completed within 48 hours of boarding the plane. The airline thought otherwise and indicated that it must be at its destination 48 hours after landing.
    In short; still some confusion. Keep this in mind and choose the safe side.
    For travelers of Travel Magical Morocco, we will help and indicate the exact timeslots for testing.
  • Furthermore, a form from the Moroccan government is required that must be completed in advance.

    What do you need to get out of your own country?

Keep this in mind prior to leaving. Check with your local government if there are any other items needed (forms, health statements, quarantine upon return) that they want before you can leave the country. Or that you have to take into account after the return to your home country.

Think ahead

Before you leave, also take the return journey into account.

  • leaving Morocco is no problem for tourists to leave, but
  • what is needed to get back to the country of origin? For the Netherlands, for example, you must be able to submit a negative PCR test. We ensure that we guide travelers of Travel Magical Morocco to a trustworthy location to take the test on time.

Also, make sure you have travel insurance that covers as many costs as possible. We are happy to help with that too!

The journey itself

Allow yourself enough time for air travel. Online check-in does not currently work, so extra time is required at the airport to check all forms and the PCR test receipt. So plan this well. Face masks are mandatory in the airport and on the plane. Keep this in mind when packing your hand luggage.

Arriving in Morocco – start Restarttourism to Morocco

There is 1 extra check built-in when you enter Morocco: to check your negative PCR test and the health declaration.

after that and the regular checks at customs…..and Morocco is welcoming you! Let the restarttourism to Morocco begin!

Check here all the itineraries that we offer you to enjoy magical Morocco.


  1. Lisa

    Great info and very important to consider before travel.
    Thanks for sharing with us

    • Marjolein

      You’re most welcome


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