The 3 Valleys

Begin en einde van deze reis in het bruisende Marrakech, met wat vrije tijd om rond te dwalen in deze indrukwekkende stad

Guided hike -as a private group or in our organized itinerary- through 3 Valleys; Bougimez Valley, Arous Valley, and Tassaout valley.

The 3 valleys

Starting from Marrakech this trip will take you to the most amazing valleys in the High Atlas mountains. Accompanied by a local guide, a couple of muleteers and their mules (for the luggage), and our own cook, we will hike through the stunning nature and you will discover three different valleys. Our stay will be at simple local gites and 1 night of camping.

Experience the amazing peacefulness and tranquility of rural Morocco and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local Amazigh people.



  • An 8-day trip that will give you an insight into the rural life of the Amazigh (Berber) in Morocco
  • 4 and a half-day walking (easy-moderate level)
  • We will visit Bougimez Valley; it is nicknamed ‘Happy Valley’ for the purported disposition of its inhabitants
  • Arous Valley has gorges and a waterfall
  • The Tassaout Valley (or Tessaout Valley) is also called “the lost valley”, as it was notoriously difficult to access
  • Discover the calm and peace of this beautiful environment. Back to basic life! Beautiful in its simplicity
  • Delicious Moroccan picnic lunches, prepared by our own cook
  • Start and end of this trip in bustling Marrakech, with some free time to roam around in this impressive city

Private groups:

  • Please contact us directly to discuss your wishes and preferred departure dates



  • 8 days
  • Group is accompagnied by  Hassan Hisse
  • Luggage will be carried by mules
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are included (except in Marrakech)
  • Stays in a hotel in Marrakech, gites (rural Moroccan home), and 1 night of camping


Start and end point of the trip


Our stay in Bougimez Valley


at the foot of M’Goun we will have our camping site


We will stay in a gite in Amerzi

Day 1 – Marrakech

Welcome to Morocco! If you arrive at Marrakech Menara Airport we will arrange the transfer from the airport to the hotel. If you’re already in Morocco we will provide you the details of our meeting point. The first night you will stay at a comfortable hotel. The rest of the day you will have free time to discover Marrakech. Visit the famous and impressive Djmaa El Fnaa square; where you will meet the musicians, snake-charmers, and ladies painting henna. Or cool down in the beautiful Jardin Majorelle.

Day 2 – Valley of Aït Bougmez (1815 m)

From the hotel, we will drive by minibus to Agouti. To visit the first of the 3 valleys. As soon as we leave Marrakech you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and the impressive landscapes. Because we have the comfort of our own private minibus we can stop wherever we want, to enjoy the view and take pictures, or buy souvenirs from the local people offering gems, tapestry, small statues, and other items. We will stop to have a traditional lunch.  In the afternoon will arrive at our gite (a rural Moroccan home). The gite is simple and has basic sanitary like a toilet and shower. After unpacking we will drink tea with a local Amazigh family. We will have dinner in the gite; enjoy a delicious homemade Moroccan meal.

Day 3 – Valley of Arous (2100 m)

Today after breakfast we will collect the mules that will carry our luggage. It is wise to take a backpack as luggage and not a suitcase because this is more difficult to load onto the mules when we hike through the 3 valleys. As soon as everything is ready we will walk for 3 hours from Agouti to Arous Valley (2100 m). The second of the 3 valleys. And we will enjoy the beautiful surrounding. During the walk, Hassan will tell you about the surroundings and all you want to know about Morocco. We will have a Moroccan picnic lunch. When arriving at the next gite it is time to unpack and relax. We will have our traditional homemade Moroccan dinner in the gite.

Day 4 – Tarkeddit Plateau (2600 m)

After a good night’s sleep in the quiet mountains, we will head today to Tarkeddit Plateau. This plateau is located at 2600 m at the foot of the Mount Goun (also known as M’Goun or in Tifinagh (the language of the Amazigh): ⵉⵖⵉⵍ ⵎⴳⵯⵏ. On our way, we will enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by our cook. The trip will take about 4 hours of walking. This night we will spend the night at a campsite. So bring your sleeping bag. We take care of the rest of the equipment (tent, cooking gear). In the afternoon our helpers will pitch the tents and you’ll have free time at the camping site in the afternoon. Our cook will prepare dinner and maybe a campfire to ensure an enjoyable evening with the group.

Day 5 – Amezri (2250 m)

Today will be a long walk; after breaking down the camping site and packing our luggage we will walk for 6 hours. We will head to Amezri, located in Tassaout Valley, the third of the 3 valleys. In the morning we will walk for 4 hours. Our lunch is served in the village of Tasgaywalt. In the afternoon we will proceed our walk to our gite. In the gite, it’s time to take a shower and relax. Dinner will be served in the gite.

Day 6 – Aït Ali Nito (1833 m)

Our last day in the 3 valleys of the High Atlas mountains has arrived. Today we will walk for 5,5 hours to the village of Aït Ali Nito. In the morning we will walk through a number of villages in the Tassaout valley. We will have a delicious picnic lunch, prepared by our cook. After lunch and some rest, we will continue walking in the afternoon. In the afternoon we will cross the river multiple times (so walking shoes (boots) necessary!). After our hiking day, we’ll arrive at the gite. Here we enjoy our homemade dinner and have a relaxed evening.

Day 7 – Marrakech

In the last few days, we’ve enjoyed the rest and the tranquility of the High Altas mountains. Today we will return to busy and dazzling Marrakech. We will start today with our last walk (about 1,5 hours) until a track. Upon arrival, we will wave goodbye to the muleteers and their mules and we will transfer to our minibus that will return us to Marrakech. During our drive, we will pass the village Ay Alla and the village de Denmat. We will stop to visit the gorges of Iminfri and enjoy lunch in Tamlalt. After lunch will continue our ride and in about 1,5 hours we will arrive at our hotel in Marrakech. After arrival, you will have free time to roam around the beautiful city of Marrakech.

Day 8 – Marrakech

On your last day, you will have free time in Marrakech, to buy your last souvenirs and take pictures. We will arrange the transfer to the airport. If you want to experience more of Marrakech we can book additional nights in the hotel upon request.

What’s included:

  • Full Escort: Fully escorted by Hassan (your local mountain guide), muleteers, and cook
  • All Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included, except in Marrakech; only breakfast is included in Marrakech
  • Transport: Minibus or 4×4 transfers from and to the Airport and the mountains
  • All stays; hotel in Marrakech, gites and the tents at the campsite.

What is not included:

  • Lunch and dinner in Marrakech
  • International flights
  • Sleeping bags
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Drinks and items of a personal nature
  • Additional hotel nights before or after the trek, can be booked additionally

from € 700,- per person (excl. flight)

Practical information

How to get there

Direct flights are available from cities in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, and North America to Marrakech Menara Airport and other airports throughout Morocco. We can arrange the flight for you on request. The offset for the CO2 emissions is automatically included in all our flights via FlyGRN.

Passports and visas

Travelers are responsible for their own valid travel documents.

All people traveling to Morocco need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after leaving Morocco.

EU and UK citizens, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans do not require a visa to visit Morocco for a stay of up to 90 days. All other nationalities should contact the Moroccan embassy or consulate in their country for current visa information.


Morocco’s currency is the dirham (MAD), divided into 100 centimes. Changing money is easy and you will find banks, ATMs and exchange offices in all major cities such as Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech. ATMs and banks are harder to find in rural areas. In Morocco, the most commonly used payment method is cash


Vaccinations are not required by the Moroccan government. Consult your local doctor and take the itinerary with you to see if any vaccinations are required for you.


Most travelers carry their luggage in a backpack, although an overnight bag with a shoulder strap would suffice if you are traveling light. Smaller bags or backpacks with wheels are useful, although we recommend that your bag has carry straps. You also need a daypack/bag to carry water and a camera etc for day trips.

Sleeping bags

In the winter months (November to March) there may not be enough heating (sometimes any) or enough blankets to keep everyone warm, we recommend bringing your own sleeping bag if you are traveling during that time.


Because the climate in Morocco can vary, especially in the mountains; where the nights can be cold and it will be warm during the day, we recommend wearing several layers of clothing. And for the hikes; Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes!

Morocco is an Islamic country and while Moroccans can be very liberal in the big cities, it is highly appreciated – especially in the countryside – if you cover your shoulders and knees. This applies to both men and women.

Summers can be very hot. Don’t forget to bring a hat or something similar to cover your head. Or buy a scarf in the souks of Marrakech.


Normal tips are approximately 200 dh per day for the driver. And about 300 dh per day for the guide. Keep in mind that tips are NOT mandatory, but are only given when you are satisfied.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for all our trips. We require that you are insured at least for medical costs, including emergency repatriation. We strongly recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment, and loss of baggage and personal belongings.

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