Our partnership with ResiRest

3 December 2017

We are proud to announce that Travel Magical Morocco started a partnership with ResiRest. ResiRest is a new and exciting global travel platform, that connects locals and tourists all over the world through local home dining experiences.

About ResiRest

This is what ResiRest says;partnership with ResiRest

When you have been travelling, you have probably experienced the way travel agencies or local tour operators usually want you to get to know the country. They offer different types of ridiculously expensive experiences, all based on large amounts of tourists exploring the not-so-authentic tourist attractions. You hardly encounter true local culture. And that is such a shame, because that is what you wish to experience during your stay, right?

On the other hand, this is exactly why the local residents hardly seem to benifit from local tourism. They can’t compete with these agencies. Locals are looking for reliable and safe ways to be part of the tourism industry and benefit from it in order to increase their income and their social welfare, without making big investments.

ResiRest builds a bridge between them, by offering both the tourist and the local an exciting, fun and user-friendly global travel platform, supported by qualified local agents.

partnership with ResiRestOur partnership

Travel Magical Morocco has become the Moroccan partner of ResiRest. We provide homecooks throughout Morocco ensuring tourists a true local experience and offering locals a possibility to benefit from tourism. Next to that we can also help tourists that want to experience Morocco. By offering transport and stays near the local cooks. Or our tours, trips and everything else they need.

Because both ResiRest and Travel Magical Morocco are social enterprises that aim on the empowerment of local people via tourism we are very happy with this partnership and hope that a lot of tourist and Moroccan homecooks will benefit from it.

For more information about ResiRest: http://www.resirest.com


  1. Jone Morlock

    Nice article love your blog.

    • Marjolein

      Thank you!


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