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Morocco update – It has been a year now since COVID-19 became a pandemic. And much has happened since. Here we give you a brief update about the current situation in Morocco.

Fortunately, Morocco is doing relatively well with regards to the virus. Morocco had some strong measurements at the start of the pandemic. Now the number of ill and deceased people is low, especially compared to the US and Europe.

Next to that Morocco started with a vaccination program. Nearly 10% of the population in Morocco is vaccinated by now. About 4 million people got 2 doses of the Sinopharm vaccination from China.

Nowadays the shops close at 20.00 hours and there is a curfew that starts at 21.00 hours. The curfew lasts till 6.00 hours in the morning.

However, the strong measurements have another impact. Morocco closed its borders to over 28 countries. Including Europe, the Middle East, and the US. As a result, tourism dropped by 94%. And because Morocco’s economy depends heavily on tourism this has a very direct impact on the people in Morocco. Especially the people in the small towns and rural areas lost their income. Over here you can read how the lack of tourists even impacts the herds in the mountains.

The current measurements remain effective at least till 12 April.

How can you help? We from Travel Magical Morocco started an online donation to raise money for the people who are hit by this loss of income and we started the webshop Help Local with Love where you can buy handmade products from Morocco; to compensate the craftsmen for their loss of income.Morocco update

Would you like to know more about the current situation in Morocco or do you have specific questions about traveling to Morocco? You can always contact us.


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