Moroccan borders will open 15 June

6 June 2021

Tonight the Moroccan government announced that the borders for most countries will open on 15 June. Among them the US, Canada, and the European countries.

This means that people traveling from these countries can enter Morocco. The requirement is a negative PCR test, taken maximum 48 hours before departure.

For all the travelers that can’t wait to visit beautiful Morocco; we created the FAQ – About traveling to Morocco and COVID-19

More information from Morocco World News can be found over here.

Next to that we always advise you to adhere to the guidelines of your own country.

The websites for this are:

For the US:
For Canada:
For the Netherlands:
For Belgium: asked questions

It goes without saying that all the people at Travel Magical Morrocco follow standard guidelines and measures to ensure that you enjoy a relaxing holiday in Morocco. We help you where we can with the extra travel preparations and do our utmost to make sure that you have an unforgettable trip. Moroccan borders will open on 15 June and you are very welcome. The delicious Moroccan tea is waiting for you.

Here you can already see our range of trips; so you can get some inspiration:

[Picture by Taryn Elliott via Pexels]


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