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16 May 2016

Do you want to know more about Morocco, travelling to and in Morocco, highlights and life in Morocco?
We made an overview of interesting reads and videos for travellers about Morocco.
If you miss some interesting information; please contact us. So we can put it online.


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  1. YouTube movie of a Morocco trip - Travel Magical Morocco - […] all people that are curious about Morocco we selected a number of vlog, we created an interesting reads about…


The most famous Moroccan food is couscous. Funnily enough this is something that is traditionally eaten only once a week: on Friday. Next to couscous a dish called tajine (a stew brewed in the famous pyramide-shaped pottery) is known as well. Tajine can contain just...

Everything you wanted to know about Moroccan tea

Tea time! Moroccan tea, everyone who has been to Morocco knows it; that very sweet tea in small glasses. It is served everywhere and symbolizes the enormous hospitality of the Moroccans. But…. How do you make that tea? And where do the customs surrounding the tea come...

Moroccan borders will open 15 June

Tonight the Moroccan government announced that the borders for most countries will open on 15 June. Among them the US, Canada, and the European countries. This means that people traveling from these countries can enter Morocco. The requirement is a negative PCR test,...
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