Interesting reads and videos for travellers about Morocco

16 May 2016

Do you want to know more about Morocco, travelling to and in Morocco, highlights and life in Morocco?
We made an overview of interesting reads and videos for travellers about Morocco.
If you miss some interesting information; please contact us. So we can put it online.

About Morocco

Travel experiences

Travel to and from Morocco

Things to do in Marrakech

Things to do in Fez

Things to do in Chefchaouen

About the Amazigh people

About the climate and sustainability

Moroccan food (including recipies)

About filming in Morocco

About Argan oil

About religion

About music

Top du maroc



  1. YouTube movie of a Morocco trip - Travel Magical Morocco - […] all people that are curious about Morocco we selected a number of vlog, we created an interesting reads about…

Stay safe – COVID-19 & Travel Magical Morocco

These are strange times. And we hope everyone is well and safe with their loved ones.  Of course we won't execute or plan any trips right now.  Instead we will contribute by posting some nice, fun or beautiful photos of Morocco. We will post them on a...

Social customs in Morocco – part one

Social customs in Morocco - part one Ok, we’ve got a question about Social Customs in Morocco. And I keep pondering about it: where to start? Because -from my western point of view- everything is different in Morocco. That’s one of the things that makes this a great...

Interview with Hassan

Recently Hassan had an interview with Jodie from the travelblog Hoff to Explore. Jodie travelled with Hassan on one of his trips. Read the interview with Hassan here: