Guide in Morocco

If you want to discover Morocco, or specific parts of Morocco, at your own pace you can hire a guide. A certified guide can not only show you around, knows the language, all ins and outs and look after you. He will also tell you all about the background, the history, the culture, the lifestyle, politics, religion and much more of Morocco.

We’ll discuss you plans and ideas beforehand and discuss a realistic itinerary with you. We can also book stays, arrange transport and flights upon request.

About guiding in Morocco

In Morocco there is a system of official guides. This is provided by the Moroccan government. Overall you have official qualified guides that can travel throughout Morocco with you and show you the beauty and places.

Next to that there are the ‘city guides’; they are allowed to guide in one specific city. City guides are located in locations like Marrakech, Fes and Chefchaouen.

Mountain guides can take you out on hikes, for example to discover the beautiful Mount Toubkal.

When you want to discover small villages or Valleys like Tizgha valley we don’t work with official guides, but with reliable local people that we know and like to earn some extra income.

With all kind of guiding we have your safety and wellbeing as out top priority. So you can enjoy a carefree holiday and learn and enjoy all the beauty Morocco has to offer.

Faux guides

In Morocco you also have a lot of ‘faux guides’ (wrong guides in French). These guides don’t have an official license to operate as a guide. In Morocco it is illegal to guide without license. Although some ‘faux guides’ might be good and trustworthy we don’t work with them. Overall their income comes from guiding and from the provision they get from the shop-keepers and restaurants where they take you to and you purchase something. This is not the way we want to work or how we want to promote Morocco.


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