Frequently Asked Questions about traveling to Morocco and COVID-19

Can’t wait to visit beautiful Morocco, but curious about the current situation? Below is the FAQ – Everything you want to know about traveling to Morocco and COVID-19. If you are missing anything or want more information; do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you out 

This page is last updated on 21 October 2021.

The Moroccan borders reopened on June 15th, 2021. Unfortunately, a new flight ban was imposed on October 20. Flights between Morocco and the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom have been suspended. How long this will take is still unknown.

Also, make sure to always check the latest official information from your home country and Morocco before you travel.

Last July we made the journey from Europe (The Netherlands) to Morocco ourselves. You can about it over here

What do you need to enter Morocco?

How is the situation in Morocco?

Are face masks mandatory?

Masks for vaccinated people are not mandatory. But for others, they need to wear a mask

Can you travel free around the country?

Are all tourist places open?

Is there any curfew?

What is done to safeguard that I’m not infected?

How is the vaccination progressing in Morocco?

How high are the risks of getting COVID in Morocco?

If I get COVID-19 in Morocco; what is the healthcare like?

What are the guidelines I need to follow in Morocco? Is there any form of social distancing? And other guidelines?

Are tourists welcome again in Morocco?

What will Travel Magical Morocco do to ensure I have a safe and enjoyable trip?

Any other things to take into account?

What we do for the local people

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