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    What do you mean by social enterprise?

    What is carbon offsetting and how does Travel Magical Morocco compensate?

    Carbon dioxide has the same impact on the climate no matter where it is emitted and what the source, so if a tonne of carbon dioxide can be absorbed from the atmosphere in one part of the world it should cancel out a tonne of the gas emitted in another. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow and store it, making forests one of the biggest carbon sinks.

    So, in theory, companies and individuals can cancel out the impact of some of their emissions by investing in projects that reduce or store carbon – forest preservation and tree planting are among them, but carbon credits are also awarded for projects that reduce fossil fuels in other ways, such as wind farms, solar cookstoves, or better farming methods. [source: The Gardian]. Carbon offsets can only ever be a sticking plaster, not a cure. To keep the world’s forests standing, at least $100bn needs to flow to heavily forested developing countries each year. We -at Travel Magical Morocco- are aware of that and will focus on long-term cures within Morocco as well. 

    For now, we automatically compensate all air flights booked via Travel Magical Morocco via FlyGRN. We will send the obtained certificate after your trip. Upon request, we can also compensate the carbon offset of the rest of the transport during your trip via the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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