The most famous Moroccan food is couscous. Funnily enough this is something that is traditionally eaten only once a week: on Friday. Next to couscous a dish called tajine (a stew brewed in the famous pyramide-shaped pottery) is known as well. Tajine can contain just vegetables and potatoes, or meat, poultry, rabbit or seafood. All meals will be served with flat bread. The of...
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Nowadays there is a lot of fear and terror in this world. And we can imagine that this makes people concious about visiting other countries, especially islamitic countries. That is why we put this information online. Whether you decide to visit Morocco or not is entirely your own decision. We just feel it is our duty to provide you with the most recent and valid information up...
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Come visit Morocco

Morocco, the African country on the north-west Side if Africa is a meltingpot of sound, smell, sight, culture, people and traditions. The country offers a great variety with regards to people and their culture. There are the African people from the South, the amazigh (formerly known as berber) people from the mountains, the Arab people and off course the proximity of Europe als...
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