Stay safe – COVID-19 & Travel Magical Morocco

wandering through Morocco
These are strange times. And we hope everyone is well and safe with their loved ones.  Of course we won't execute or plan any trips right now.  Instead we will contribute by posting some nice, fun or beautiful photos of Morocco. We will post them on a regular base via our social media channels. To bring some positivity into this world. And maybe we can put ...
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Vacation packages in Morocco

We can take of part of parts of your holiday to Morocco. But we can also provide total vacation packages in Morocco. We have a wide range of varieties in our trips: From day trips starting in Marrakech, till hiking trips for a few days and the full blown itinerary up till 20 days. Below the overview of all kind of vacation packages in Morocco we can offer. We hope y...
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Guide in Morocco

If you want to discover Morocco, or specific parts of Morocco, at your own pace you can hire a guide. A certified guide can not only show you around, knows the language, all ins and outs and look after you. He will also tell you all about the background, the history, the culture, the lifestyle, politics, religion and much more of Morocco. We'll discuss you plans and ide...
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Transport to and in Morocco

Going to Morocco? We can take care of your flight tickets. Next to that we always compensate the CO2 emission of your flight. And provide you with a certificate to show for it. Just let us now your dates and wishes and we will take care of it all. Traveling through Morocco can be done in different ways: public transport, hire a car and drive yourself of hire a car with dr...
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Vote for Hassan

Please join us in nominating Hassan Hisse for the Wanderlust World Guide Award 2020. Hassan's warmth and charm make him a remarkable guide, but his deep knowledge and passion to help one discover Morocco's culture and history make him an incredible teacher. Hassan has pledged his bursary to Solidarité Féminine, which works in Casablanca, Morocco, to help unmarried mothe...
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How hot is it in Morocco? About the weather and seasons

heet in Marokko
Morocco – the sheer diversities in landscapes and weather is sure to take your breath away. The heat of the Sahara Desert, the snow of the Atlas Mountains, the oceanic breezes of the Atlantic coastline – the Moroccan weather is this and so much more! So what’s the best time of the year to visit Morocco, you’ll ask – Well, Morocco is at its most beautiful in spring (mid-March t...
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Fly to Morocco with us!

flying to Morocco
We are very proud to announce that you can also book your flights to Morocco with us. Flying to Morocco can be included in your itinerary, the perfect start of your group- or private trip to Morocco. Currently, the first travelers have flown to Morocco to enjoy their tailor-made holiday. Any group- or private holidays can be booked, including your flight from anywhere across t...
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Happy Amazigh (Berber) New Year

We wish every-one a very happy Amazigh (Berber) new year. On 13 January 2018 the Amazigh New Year took place. Amazigh celebrate this with a delicious meal and visits of family and friends. According to the Amazigh calendar we currently live in the year 2968. Can you imagine!? Calendar The Amazigh calendar is based on the seasons and the agriculture and started when the ...
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Our partnership with ResiRest

We are proud to announce that Travel Magical Morocco started a partnership with ResiRest. ResiRest is a new and exciting global travel platform, that connects locals and tourists all over the world through local home dining experiences. About ResiRest This is what ResiRest says; When you have been travelling, you have probably experienced the way travel agencies or local t...
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Do the desert, Marrakech and the mountains – (5 days)

Do the desert and more! Take a camel ride into the Sahara.  Count the stars until you fall asleep. Visit Ait Benhaddou (also know as Yunkay in Games of Thrones) and imagine yourself in the old days of caravanne travelling. Visit the mountains and enjoy the impressive views and the fresh air. Experience Moroccan history, food and hospitality. And all this in just 5 days! S...
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