An amazing guide

9 November 2020

May 2016
An amazing guide who really made the trip incredible. An absolute asset to the company and Morocco.


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Everything you wanted to know about Moroccan tea

Tea time! Moroccan tea, everyone who has been to Morocco knows it; that very sweet tea in small glasses. It is served everywhere and symbolizes the enormous hospitality of the Moroccans. But…. How do you make that tea? And where do the customs surrounding the tea come...

Magical Morocco, the romantic side

A night under the stars, in the beautiful, majestic desert, in the arms of the one you love: isn’t that a secret dream of all girls? And that is a dream that can come true. You bring the man of your dreams and we will provide the rest: the desert, the night under the...

Our partnership with ResiRest

We are proud to announce that Travel Magical Morocco started a partnership with ResiRest. ResiRest is a new and exciting global travel platform, that connects locals and tourists all over the world through local home dining experiences. About ResiRest This is what...