Fly to Morocco with us!

flying to Morocco
We are very proud to announce that you can also book your flights to Morocco with us. Flying to Morocco can be included in your itinerary. The perfect start of your group- or private trip to Morocco.Currently the first travelers have flown to Morocco to enjoy their tailor-made holiday. Any group- or private holidays can be booked including your flight from anywhere across t...
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Happy Amazigh (Berber) New Year

We wish every-one a very happy Amazigh (Berber) new year.On 13 January 2018 the Amazigh New Year took place. Amazigh celebrate this with a delicious meal and visits of family and friends.According to the Amazigh calendar we currently live in the year 2968. Can you imagine!? Calendar The Amazigh calendar is based on the seasons and the agriculture and started when the ...
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Our partnership with ResiRest

We are proud to announce that Travel Magical Morocco started a partnership with ResiRest. ResiRest is a new and exciting global travel platform, that connects locals and tourists all over the world through local home dining experiences. About ResiRest This is what ResiRest says;When you have been travelling, you have probably experienced the way travel agencies or local t...
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Welcome in 2017: We’re becoming a non-profit travel agency

We wish you a very happy 2017 with all your loved ones. 2017 will be a new start, for Magical Morocco as well. We changed the way we work and as of now we are a non-profit travel agency. This means that all income generated via our trips will go directly to the guides, muleteers, cooks and other people involved in your journey.Why? For a number of reasons. But the most imp...
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YouTube movie of a Morocco trip

Want to see Morocco? View it over here; this YouTube movie of a Morocco trip is made during a trip guided by Hassan. Watch closely and you will see Hassan pouring the famous Moroccan tea!Over here there some new vlogs Visit Morocco yourself Want to experience this yourself? Check all our trips and join us in beautiful Morocco. YouTube movie of a Morocco tripWe can...
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Interesting reads and videos for travellers about Morocco

Do you want to know more about Morocco, travelling to and in Morocco, highlights and life in Morocco? We made an overview of interesting reads and videos for travellers about Morocco. If you miss some interesting information; please contact us. So we can put it online. About MoroccoWhy Morocco could be the best Middle East experience outside the Middle East...
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Social customs in Morocco – part one

Social customs in Morocco - part one
Social customs in Morocco - part one Ok, we've got a question about Social Customs in Morocco. And I keep pondering about it: where to start? Because -from my western point of view- everything is different in Morocco. That's one of the things that makes this a great country! Well, I've decided to start from the beginning. And the beginning -for me- is when entering the countr...
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