About Covid-19 and tourism

UPDATE: thank you for your overwhelming response!

We are very humbled and happy to help people out with your generous gifts. Although the situation in some parts of Morocco is improving we borders are still closed. And we don’t know when they will open. So all help is still very much apprecated.

Some words from Hassan Hisse, tour-guide in Morocco:

Just to share with you a little bit about tourism and I hope countries can support the tourism industry as it was the first hit and the last that will be recovered. Travel is a luxury, of course. It’s a privilege. I understand that. But so is eating out. So is going to see live music. We seem galvanized to save the latter two, and yet where’s the support for the travel industry?

About Covid-19 and tourism

It’s almost impossible to describe just how many people who work in travel have had their livelihoods affected by our current situation. By some estimates, it’s more than 100 million worldwide.

Every tour guide you’ve ever been accompanied by, in any country in the world will right now have pretty much no income whatsoever. The wildlife guides in Tanzania, the walking guides in Rome, the rafting guides in Fiji, the tour leaders in Western Europe, the hiking guides in Peru, the expedition leaders in Antarctica the tour guides in the north of Africa and the best guides in the world comes from Morocco as well – none of them have jobs. few things, in the short term. If you have travel booked for the future and haven’t already done something about it, don’t cancel it – postpone it. Leave your money with businesses that are struggling to stay afloat and enjoy a holiday with them once all of this is over.

You can also work with local tour guides and tour companies in far-flung places via the magic of the internet. So Do you think the travel industry deserves more love? Are you planning a post-COVID trip? Have you made any bookings or are you holding back? 

If you would like to help a little bit you can donate using this link: https://www.whydonate.nl/fundraising/donation-hassan-hisse

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