Day Trips

For travelers already in Marrakesh, we can arrange day trips; to the coast or the mountains. A relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to enjoy a carefree time and discover a little more of Morocco.

Spend the night at Moroccans’ homes or want to join a family for tea? Working in a village? We are happy to arrange it for you! We only work with people we know and trust. There are many Moroccan holiday packages to preserve the biodiversity of the country. You can taste Berber specialties made of natural poultry and vegetables, even while enjoying the natural habitats of animals and turtles in Essaouira. The country is very keen to conserve its natural and cultural heritage which indeed attracts tourists to visit the country again. As part of the sustainable tourism, you will get to see Fair Trade programs, High Atlas Foundation, Education for All, Village of Khemlia where Gnawa music is quite popular.

There are many reasons why people want to go on a holiday to Morocco. Even if it is for a short period, the country makes a fantastic holiday destination. The 1200 miles beautiful coastline, Sahara desert that offers a typical Moroccan cuisine, the varied culture and history as seen in the unchanged cities, medinas using traditional ways, crafts and museums, very interesting activities such as trekking in Atlas mountains, cookery lessons, hot air ballooning, and white-water rafting.

If you want to experience the culture and meet the local people, Morocco is an ideal place. The natural landscapes such as beaches, ancient cities, mountains, deserts are a feast to the eyes. The country enjoys a temperate climate that is perfect all through the year and is a fine winter destination found in the southern regions.

Morocco is a very safe place for tourists. Crimes rates are very low, and the chances of your being assaulted or attacked are very less.